Education (Sims 2 Remake)

Looking for an Education Career?


Education Career (Sims 3 Remake), the pay rates are still the same.

This career is for your Sims who want to teach and work with students.

Ideal mood is happy for all.

This career requires Charisma and Logic. Each level goes up +1 for both after each promotion until level 9, which you will need to max Charisma/Logic at 10. Then you have reached the highest level of District Superintendent.

Level 1: Playground Monitor
Monday- Friday (8am to 3pm)
As a Playground Monitor you have an important job observing recess and saving the pupils from sticky slides and painful bruises after ill-fated games of tag. Grab your clipboard and your whistle and prepare for some outdoor fun!

Level 2: Teacher’s Aide
Monday – Friday (8 am to 3pm)
When the other teachers need help grading papers and erasing chalkboards they turn to you. You are well liked by the school staff because of your calm demeanor, punctuality, and reliable nature. Just remember to keep your hall passes locked away or you’ll be the one staying after school for detention.

Level 3: Substitute Teacher
Monday – Friday (8am to 3pm)
Got the flu? Not you! When the faculty is out for a bout, they rely on you to take over. Keep up the hard work and you might have your own classroom one day. But stay away from the cafeteria’s ‘Meat Pie Surprise’ or you’ll need a substitute teacher too.

Level 4: Elementary School Teacher
Monday – Friday (8am to 3pm)
No more polishing apples for the rest of the staff, because you’re now an Elementary School Teacher! Sure, other jobs may pay more but you have the satisfaction of nourishing young minds with important facts and figures. You’re brushing up on your advanced verb conjugations and you can recite multiplication tables with the best of them. Armed with a slide rule and a protractor, you’re ready to enlighten young minds.

Level 5: Middle School Teacher
Monday – Friday (8am to 3pm)
As a middle school teacher, you will have to balance your lesson plans carefully with so many topics to teach! Biology, geography and music. . .oh my! The other teachers also elected you to be chess team coach. Checkmate!

Level 6: High School Teacher
Monday – Friday (8am to 3pm)
You know you’re a High School Teacher when the students drive better cars than you, but at least you have the satisfaction of helping pupils learn many of the necessary skills in life. Besides, someday they’ll have bills of their own to pay.

Level 7: Department Head
Monday – Friday (8am to 3 pm)
You’ve moved to the head of the class, or more correctly, Department Head! Your new job comes with a few extra duties and a lot more homework, but it’s nice to be recognised for all your accomplishments in the classroom.

Level 8: Assistant Principal
Monday – Friday (8am to 3pm)
No more dangling participles or repeating decimals for you! Welcome to the world of school administration where you’ll assist the principal with creating regulations and enforcing disciplinary action… for both the students and staff!

Level 9: Principal
Monday – Friday (8am to 2 pm)
Who rules the school? You do! A school Principal is in charge of nearly all the important decision making, from school schedules to scheduled raises. Remember to put the ‘Pal’ in Principal because everyone wants to be your friend.

Level 10: District Superintendent
Wednesday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday (8am to 11pm)
Congratulations! You’ve graduated to the top of the education pyramid and earned the title of District Superintendent. From the classroom to the boardroom, you have the skills necessary to oversee all the schools under your supervision. You’re the staff Valedictorian!

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