Stylist (Sims 3 remake)


Level 1: Fashion Fledgling  (26/hr)

Tuesday – Saturday

Skills needed: Painting 1, Photography 1

Welcome to the world of high style! Be punctual and diligent and you’ll be cutting hair and picking fabric swatches for headbands soon enough. When no one is looking you may even be able to get away with giving a fashionable makeover or two!          

Level 2: Taffeta Trainee (34/hr)

Tuesday – Saturday

Skills needed: Painting 2

Time to sharpen those haircutting scissors because you’ve gone from sweeping hair trimmings to sculpting upscale updos. Bring a set of fine toothed combs and a bottle of hairspray, and be prepared to critique clothing as needed. Remember to listen to your client’s desires. . .as long as they don’t ask for a mullet.

Level 3: Polka Dot Specialist (42/hr)        

Tuesday – Saturday

Skills needed: Painting 3, Photography 2

Crime is everywhere and it’s your job to fight it! Sims are mixing polka dots with plaid, stilettos with sweat pants, crew cuts with soul patches. Stop the madness before it overruns the city! But remember – no red shoes until after dark!    

Level 4: Houndstooth Soothsayer (63/hr)

Tuesday – Saturday

Skills needed: Painting 4

Word of mouth is spreading and you’re in demand for the latest fashion advice. Keeping tabs on the ‘so next season’ up and coming looks will keep you trendy with the wannabe-in-vogue fashion moguls around town. So get out there and show them your style…and theirs!          

Level 5: Trendsetter in Training  (65/hr)

Tuesday – Saturday

Skills needed: Painting 5, Photography 3

Grab your makeup case, scissors, and some long teeth combs because, whether they know it or not, your next round of clients are going to become trendsetters for the whole town! Just go easy on the mascara because waterproof is so last season. 

Level 6” In Vogue Virtuoso  (70/hr)

Tuesday – Saturday

Skills needed: Painting 6

The long hours are paying off and you’re on your way to the top! Keep your portfolio overflowing with the latest looks, and weed out images of yesterday’s trends. Move those hemlines and glam it up! Don’t be afraid to experiment with plaid. One day you could move from behind-the-scenes to walking the red carpet.        

Level 7: Haute Hot Shot  (140/hr)         

Tuesday – Saturday

Skills needed: Painting 7, Photography 4

You are now known in neighboring towns for your keen color combinations and your daring hairstyle modifications. When discerning Sims are looking for fashion advide they come flocking to you. With a little bit of time and some sumptuous lipstick shades you’ll transform everyday drab Sims into fashion icons!         

Level 8: Couture Connoisseur  (187/hr)    


Skills needed: Painting 8, Photography 5

You’re the must-have stylist of the season and your services come at a premium. Sims line up for your top of the beehive to the soles of the platform shoes makeovers. You are featured in fashion magazines world wide. Your color combinations are setting trends for Sims in faraway locales.     

Level 9: Fashionista (200/hr)   


Skills needed: Painting 9

All your hard work is paying off and you’ve nearly reached the top of your profession. Foreign fashion magazines are clamoring for your predictions on next season’s trends. Customers are arriving from all over the world hoping to acquire a few hours of your time to help them pick shades of eye shadow. Keep your colors from clashing and your foundations well blended and you’ll soon be at the top!          

Level 10: Fashion Phenomenon (300/hr)

Skills needed: Painting 10


Congratulations! You’ve made it to the haute couture hall of fame! You are renowned for the best blowouts, fantastic fittings, and marvelous makeovers. Sims travel from the far corners of the world to seek out your help with making them look glamorous! But with the next season already ‘so yesterday’, there’s always plenty of work for a superstar stylist. Go forth and set the trends of the future!

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