Spa Career (Sims 3 Remake)

spa Career

Part-time Spa job for your Sims. Ideal mood is happy.

Base Game Compatible and Game Version:

Level 1: Clothes Folder 

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (3 to 6pm) and 10/hr

Skills: Wellness Level 3

Anyone can fold clothes, but can you get clothes to be perfectly two-dimensional? Attention to detail will get you far—far enough to never have to fold another shirt again!

Level 2: Fitting Room Guard

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (2 to 6 pm) and 20/hr

Skills: Wellness Level 6

Shoplifting is bad for the bottom line, and you’ve got to protect that line. But you’ve got to strike a balance between friendliness and suspicion in order to curtail theft without driving away customers.

Level 3: Spa Package Seller

Friday – Sunday (12 to 3 pm) and 30/hr

Skills: Wellness Level 10

Anyone can sell a spa treatment, but selling packages is what separates the experts from the rest. Talk up those add-ons and get your clients to pay more, more, more!

Download here via Patreon


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